Pet of the Month

Remi – Severe Spondylosis and Osteoarthritis

Meet Remi, our May 2020 Pet of the Month!  We first met Remi in April of 2019.  She had a chronic right hind limb lameness and had been previously diagnosed with arthritis.  Spondylosis (spinal arthritis) was also noted on her radiographs (x-rays) taken by her regular veterinarian.  Often spondylosis is considered an incidental finding on s-rays because the spinal changes were found while looking for something else, like looking at the gastrointestinal tract when a pet is vomiting.  In Remi’s case, her spondylosis was quite severe, affecting her thoracic (chest region) and lumbar (abdominal region) spine.  This is an important finding as spondylosis can contribute to a variety of symptoms, including hind limb lameness.  When spondylosis is significant, the boney changes affecting the vertebral bodies can limit spinal motion and also compress nerve roots.

We started our rehabilitation plan for Remi with a focus on pain management for the first month.  We used modalities such as laser, massage, acupuncture, pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy, and veterinary spinal manipulative therapy (VSMT) so kick start her rehabilitation journey.  Once Remi was starting to feel better and move more easily, we started to incorporate some therapeutic exercises into her rehabilitation plan.  Eventually, we were able to get her into the underwater treadmill.  

Since then, Remi has been doing fairly well.  However, she has had a few setbacks along the way, which have altered our rehabilitation plan for her.  Currently, Remi continues her rehab journey with the main focus being pain management.  She has a healthy list of exercises that she does at home with her family.  During her appointments, we focus on the modalities that her family doesn’t have access to at home. Remi has also started some traditional Chinese herbal supplements recently, which seem to be helping her GI sensitivity as well as her hind limb lameness.  We love seeing Remi here in the clinic and she is just a joy to work with!

Jude – Chronic Neck Pain

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Jersey – Bilateral TPLO, then Hind Limb Neuropathy

Katy – Toe Fracture on Rear Foot

Nemo - Bilateral Forelimb Dysgenesis & Front End Wheelchair Superstar

Teddy Bear – Back Injury & Rear Limb Paresis following Car Accident

Bailey – Hind Limb Weakness & Loud Breathing (GOLPP)

Rocket - Back Surgery

Hunter – Arthritis in Hips & Lumbar Spine

Cowboy – Bilateral Ectrodactyly (Congenital Deformities of Carpal Joints & Paws), Bilateral Hip Dysplasia, Bilateral Shoulder Osteochondritis Dissecans (OCD)

Valentino aka “Tino” – Neck Surgery & Laryngeal Paralysis

Windsor – Congenital Radial Hypoplasia of R Forelimb

Katie – R Achilles (“Gastroc”) Tear in Cat

Tessa – DJD with Hind Limb Neurologic Signs

Frosty – Forelimb Amputee with Bilateral Medial Patellar Luxation

Marley – Severe Left Hind Limb Lameness Following Multiple Wounds

Radar – Post-op MRIT Cruciate Surgery

Fiona – Rehab Following Bilateral Luxating Patella Surgery

Peanut - Orthosis Use for Management of L Paw (Metacarpal) Fractures

KaBoom – Multiple Protruding Discs & IVDD at C2-C3

Kona – Iliopsoas Strain turned Fitness Patient

Peyton – Neurologic Signs Involving All 4 Limbs (Cervical FCE)

Quincy - Episodes of Neck & L Shoulder Pain

Georgia – Medial Luxating Patellas

MacKenzie – Suspected FCE Affecting All Limbs

Lizzie – Arthritis and Weight Management

Bruno – HL Neurologic Signs, Degenerative Myelopathy

Peanut – Weight Loss during Rehab for 2 TPLO Surgeries

Russell – L Rear Limb Prosthesis

Shy - Spinal arthritis and HL ataxia

Bella – Journey Back from Bilateral Cruciate Injuries

Petey – Cervical Neck Pain & Weight Management

Mr. Belvidere – Rear Limb Neurologic Problems

Bella & Echo – Dock Diving Duo

Lucca - Orthosis Device for L FL Congenital Abnormality

Oliver – Chronic rear limb neurologic signs following back surgery

Brandy – Multiple Prolapsed Discs with a “Side of Arthritis”

Niki – Arthritis in Multiple Joints & Lots of Other Conditions too

Heckel – Post-op L TTA rehab & Agility Competitor

Finn – Assistance Dog with Spinal Arthritis and Muscle Atrophy

Joey – Conformation Competitor Returns to Action after TPLO Surgeries

Phoebe – Arthritis, Back & Neck Pain and an old CCL injury

Chica – Fractured Spine & Rear Limb Paresis

Indie – Bilateral Hip Dysplasia in a Young Dog

Tigger - R cruciate tear & a heart condition

Quigley - Unusual R Rear Limb Lameness

Boomer – Senior Agility Competitor

Marlo - Arthritis in Multiple Joints, Weight Loss Success Story

Charles J. Schnickelfritz - aka

Nahanni - Severe arthritis in hips and lumbar spine

Roo, the Hopping Puppy - Unusual Front Limb Gait

Mason - Chronic Arthritis

Brunhilda - L HL house slipper prosthesis corrects 3rd limb for this kitty

Miss Daisy - R HL Prosthetic Device

Bodacious - post-op back surgery

Emma - L cruciate tear + IMHA/ITP

Chance - HL paresis

Vinny - L FL radial nerve damage

Sadie - L HL fractures with neurologic deficits

Doods - Post-op TPLO rehab in the canine athlete

Nema - R FL Orthotic Device

Lulu - L TPLO sx & Elbow Dysplasia

Faith - spinal traction injury

Ranger - FCE (Fibrocartilaginous Embolism)

Roy - R FL Congenital Abnormality & Prosthesis Patient

Bialy - OA, R Cruciate Tear, Wt Mgmt

Foxy - L FL lameness

Poppy - Fracture & MPL

Lady - IVDD/Disc Disease

Coco Channel - L HL amputation

Willow - Prosthesis for Congenital Limb Defect

Lucy - Lupus & Arthritis

Bailey - HL Neurologic Issues

Polar - Arthritis in Multiple Joints

Baby - Back Injury & Orthopedic Problems

Baxter - Spinal Luxation

Klara - Cruciate Sx & Disc Sx

Pebbles - Orthopedic & Neurologic Problems

Pixel - R Hock & R Stifle Sx