Brody - Arthritis elbows, stifles, both hips

We first started working with Brody last summer when his owners were noticing more hind limb weakness and stumbling.  He had evidence of arthritis in several joints as well as some sensitivity over his spine. Brody was tolerant of his therapeutic exercises and walking in the underwater treadmill, but where he really excelled was during his massage and laser treatments during his visits.  We quickly discovered that Brody’s rehabilitation sessions would be best filled with a heavy focus on manual therapies such as massage and veterinary spinal manipulation, and therapeutic laser and PEMF therapy. Brody was very much in agreement with this change in plan and has been living his best life wading in the water at the dog park and hanging out with his family and younger brother at home. We always look forward to Brody’s trademark “plop” on the bed before treatment and are happy to make sure he has the best quality of life for him and his family.


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