Girlfriend, TPLO Surgeries

Girlfriend is our September 2022 pet of the month! She is a 15 year old mixed breed that we initially started treating back in September of 2018 following a right TPLO procedure.  Following graduation from that surgery, she returned in January 2021 for regular treatment for her elbow and carpal osteoarthritis and compensatory muscle tension in her shoulders and neck. In September of 2021, Girlfriend ruptured her left cranial cruciate and required TPLO surgery. She has since recovered and is now treated regularly here with massage, pulse electromagnetic therapy, acupuncture and laser therapy to maintain her mobility and comfort. Girlfriend’s passions include peanut butter Kongs, dehydrated beef liver treats, patrolling the yard for critters and chilling with her best friends at Pawsitive Steps. She would also like to challenge November 2021 Pet of the month Rocky, because she believes that she is the champion Kong eater!

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