It's hard to believe that it has only been a little over 4 months since Ralf ruptured a disk and our post-op recovery journey started. Ralf wouldn't be as far along in walking and running again without the early start to rehab, therapy and amazing care he got at Pawsitive Steps. Thank you for everything and we'll keep you updated as he continues to improve.

-- Ralf


It broke my heart that Echo had to be sidelined from the AKC National Agility Championship with a torn biceps tendon. He was 6 so I didn’t know what his future in agility would be after that. I am so incredibly grateful to have found Dr. Tari Kern and the amazing staff at Pawsitive Steps to lead his rehab. In addition to being knowledgeable, caring and professional, one of the things that impresses me the most about this staff is how well they tailor plans to each individual dog.

Echo’s rehab went flawlessly and I was able to get him qualified for the next Nationals in the limited remaining time that season. Echo came back from his injury stronger than ever and even earned the title of National Agility Champion that next year. We could not have done this without Pawsitive Steps! All of my dogs now work with this wonderful team to help them feel their best, stay strong, and help with injury prevention. Thank you Pawsitive Steps!

-- Angie Benacquisto & Echo


Finally got a decent free-stacked picture to show off the improvement I’ve seen in Tavi in just our short 2 months of working with the team at Pawsitive Steps Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine so much growth!!

I really enjoy working with a professional team with his fitness to make sure we are getting it right, and the team that we get when we see Dr. Kern is just top notch! They really go above and beyond to help achieve success! I’m so glad to be working with them in this way, where we are focused on building strength and injury prevention instead of recovery.

-- Stefanie Theis & Tavi


We had a fun day with a photo shoot of candid action shots and I just had to share a side by side. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the help you all have provided me for Easton!! He makes me smile so big and sometimes just tear up...happy tears ? 💕 💕 💕Just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU!

-- Angie Couture & Easton


My boy 💕 Can’t believe it's been 4yrs since his Graduation! Thank you 4 Paws 1 Heart & Dr. Tari Kern & your amazing staff at Pawsitive Steps Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine!!! If you have an animal with mobility issues, please give Pawsitive Steps a call for a consult, they are amazing!!

-- Denise Najera & Chance


Dear Dr. Kerstetter and Dr Kern:

Remember us?  My little Sophia came to you in an emergency situation shortly after Christmas, 2017.  After the surgery, at your suggestion, I contacted Dr. Kern and her team of miracle workers at Pawsitive Steps Rehabilitation and worked on my girl's back end for 6 months.  I needed some rehab but never needed to do all this full intensive care and rehab, but if you remember, Sophia is an agility athlete and we both wanted to get back to what we loved.  I did what you said post-surgery.  I did all the homework Dr. Kern prescribed for Sophia -- twice a day.  We were on a mission.

On June 2, 2018, we reentered the agility ring and within 11 months, gained our 4th Master Agility Championship (MACH 4).  I don't know of any dog who has had FHO who is competing at the highest level AND achieved the highest level title in AKC.

Thank you, and your amazing staff for all the professional advice.  Through my tears that day just before surgery, you told me she would run again...and she is flying.  I hope this is inspiration for your future patients.

Here is our official photo with my love, Sophia, and the Judge from MACH 4 day.  Last note, on July 13, she will be 12.  This surgery and rehab is a true testimony to a high quality of life as these little buddies age!!

-- Maria Rohrer & Sophia (aka Hummingbird)


So glad to have found Pawsitive Steps! Although initially I came to the fabulous team due to an iliopsoas strain suffered by my always enthusiastic, not always responsible Aussie Kona... my aging (but still going strong!) Aussie Boomer has seen significant improvement from being a Pawsitive Steps patient.

Being that both dogs are agility athletes I have found the exercises and therapy to have ongoing benefits in the ring (fewer dropped bars, etc.). But what I wasn't expecting were the everyday improvements I have noticed at home.

Boomer (who truly hates getting a bath) can now stand in the shower on 3 legs as I wash each foot - no more falling into the shower wall. Plus, when we're enjoying a indoor game of fetch with brand new fuzzy tennis balls, Boomer doesn't struggle to find a way over the ottoman - instead he simply backs up.

And while Boomer (considerably less enthusiastic than Kona) doesn't offer up new behaviors easily - he has learned several new ways to move and utilize more of his body. Slowly but surely he has gained muscle mass and strength as well as increased his physical confidence (he already had plenty of that mental herding kind!).

Boomer and I look forward to our sessions...and to growing old gracefully! As always, thanks for everything.

-- Jeanette Losey & Boomerang MX, AXJ, OF, APD, PRCH, PTM-B & 2015 USDAA Cynosport World Games Qualifier/Participant


I can never thank Dr. Kern and her staff enough for everything that they have done for my boy, Schnitz! Because of their expertise and compassion, Schnitz has a new zest for life. The Pawsitive Steps team is the best!

-- Valerie Ehrman


I wanted to give an update of Nahanni's progress this week to her therapy helpers. She's doing great, and as you can see uneven surfaces is a breeze when there's ice cold water at stake. This river is from one of the glaciers in Glacier National Park, Montana. I hope these pictures are a welcome sight and proof of the good exercises you've taught us. She had almost no problems maneuvering or with stamina on this trip and I'm very thankful for that.

-- Brandon Yuille

Our clinic cat Moozie has been suffering from arthritis and a front leg limp off and on for that past couple years. Moozie has been on medications to support her joints, and has had therapy laser treatment as well. When Dr. Kern started to use acupuncture in addition to the rest of her treatment the whole staff noticed a huge improvement. Moozie also noticed that Dr. Kern made her feel so good. In fact, she will follow Dr. Kern around when she's due for her next acupuncture treatment. Moozie purrs and drools (which is a sign that Moozie is very happy and content) during the whole procedure.

- Jessica Vandercook, LVT at Cats Veterinary, Clinton Township, MI

"Skylar is 14 years old and has arthritis in his back. He was barely able to walk until Dr. Kern used laser therapy and acupuncture on him. Now he is getting around much better."

-- Alanna Taylor

A special testimonial from an actual patient!

pet testimonial

Following a bite & shaking by a rude unleashed dog, 2 major surgeries and a total of 8 weeks in a long leg cast, the muscles in my rear thigh had atrophied and my leg turned out when I sat. Dr. Kern spent 10 sessions of physical rehab with me. She made me rock side to side on half a blue ball, roll forward and backward on a big yellow blow up peanut, and dance on my hind legs like a human.


She won, well maybe bribed, my cooperation and affection with lots of treats! I am a cat after all. Now my thigh is strong as ever and I am able to run, jump, climb up and down the rocks in the garden and chase butterflies with ease.

Call Dr. Kern if your pet needs rehab with a caring and competent vet specialist! Anyone feel like dancing?

Paws Up!


Dear Dr Kern, thank you for the wonderful job you've done on our dog Charlie. He has come such a long way since July when he had leg surgery. Your weekly visits have made such a difference in Charlie's rehabilitation, and he continues to improve daily. Thank you for your professionalism and your wonderful care.

-- Sincerely Mary Fuciarelli


Hello, my name is Mason. I'm an 11 yr old Newfoundland. I weigh 160 lbs. My favorite activities are: sleeping, barking at motorcycles, begging for treats, and sleeping again. I started laser therapy & acupuncture with Dr. Kern over a year ago. I'm feeling much better and am able to get up easier to go outside and bark at the rabbits, thanks to her. Due to my age & size, I have arthritis and bad knees & wrists. The laser therapy has helped tremendously. I am so glad we met Dr. Kern and hope to continue therapy for a long time.