Eli - Elbow Osteoarthritis

Eli is a 12 year old, Manchester Terrier. He began seeing us in August 2020 and was diagnosed with elbow and carpal (wrist) arthritis. We started Eli out with therapeutic exercises, underwater treadmill, and laser therapy. He responded very well to treatment and has been able to go for longer walks. Eli has a Fi Collar which tracks his activity. His family loves to report his good numbers, especially when they travel together. Elbow arthritis can be very difficult to control as dogs carry 60% of their body weight on their front limbs. Given this fact, Eli comes in monthly for maintenance visits. During these visits he warms up his muscles in the underwater treadmill which is followed up with massage, manual therapies on his elbows, stretching, and laser therapy.

Eli is very stoic when he is here and is quite shy. In fact, he was a patient for over a year before he ate his first cookie here! But while he may not “love” us, he really enjoys his treatments especially his laser where he routinely gets sleepy! His technician loves sending his family pictures of Eli relaxing.Eli

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