Daphne - Wrist Arthritis

Daphne Collage We first met Daphne in June of 2021.  Daphne was starting to look painful during her walks and even when her walks were shortened, she would continue to limp on her front limbs.  When we met her, we began to add front limb strengthening and range of motion exercises to her home plan which including swimming.  On her visits to the office, we began treating her with manual therapies (massage, stretching, etc.) and laser therapy. 

Daphne loves coming for her visits!  She is so excited to work for cookies and say hello to all the girls.  But we do have to be careful she doesn’t get the zoomies.  She also enjoys cuddling during her laser and massage.  Daphne is our favor pup with a tapir (or takin) face!

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