Triton - Hind Limb Amputee

Triton is a 4 year old Alaskan Malamute Mix.  When he was 8 weeks of age, his left hind limb was amputated.  When he began to have chronic pain in his right hind limb, his family brought him in for an evaluation in January 2019.   After rehabilitation, his comfort level improved.    

Triton was fitted for a custom Eddie Wheels’ cart in May of 2021.  He took to it really well!  Tripod dogs put their backs through a lot of exaggerated motion when walking, and this extra torque can be hard on their backs.  The cart helps Triton walk with a more level back and puts less stress on his remaining limbs.  Triton’s spinal health is very important to his family and they bring him in for regular spinal adjustments. 

Triton is one of the happiest boys we know!  He always has a smile on his face and must greet every one before he can start his appointments!


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