Jude – Chronic Neck Pain


Meet Jude, our March 2020 Pet of the Month.  We first met Jude in November of 2019 as her family was interested in acupuncture treatments to help with her chronic neck pain.  At that time, Jude was an incredibly shy and nervous girl.  She was very sensitive with any type of handling or interaction with new people.

Providing Jude with pain management was our first goal and we started with acupuncture only sessions. Jude responded well with acupuncture and slowly started to warm up to us.  By Christmas, we were able to transition her to more formal rehabilitation sessions to work on strengthening her core muscles in order to support her neck and spine better.  She is also working on a little weight loss, but barely notices because her rehabilitation program is fun.

Jude seemed to really like the concept of gentle exercises for rewards and quickly became more comfortable with the Pawsitive Steps team.  The positive interactions involved in her rehabilitation sessions encouraged her to become more interactive with us during her visits.  Her personality has blossomed in a short period of time, revealing a spunky sweet girl, who makes sure to greet everyone upon her arrival for her visits! Jude previously participated in agility for fun (did not compete) and really enjoys learning new challenging exercises.  She has been a rock star and we look forward to continuing with her rehabilitation and weight loss journey.


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