Roy - R FL Congenital Abnormality & Prosthesis Patient

RoyMeet Roy, our July Pet of the Month! He just turned 1 year old and was born with an unusual R front limb. It never really bothered him, but his folks were interested in trying to see what options were available to improve his quality of life over the long haul. Getting around on 3 legs didn't really slow Roy down much, but at 60# the constant bouncing on his L front limb joints would take its toll over time. Roy is an absolute joy to work with and we thought that he would be a great candidate for a R FL Prosthesis. You can also see more images of Roy and his case progress on our Facebook page in his photo album there.  Since he has a black, curly haircoat and our floor is black rolled rubber, we wrapped his little "hook" leg so that everyone could see its shape and casted him for an individually designed prosthesis to help him out. Roy got fitted with his new prosthetic limb from OrthoPets on 6/10/14...just in time for the summer season and 4th of July...check out the cool flag design! Stay tuned to our Facebook page for progress reports on Roy! We expect that he will do great!

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