Vinny - L FL radial nerve damage

January 01 1970 12:00 am

VinnyVinny is our February Pet of the Month!  He is a 9 year old Cardigan Welsh Corgi, who spent some time doing rehabilitation therapy and acupuncture with us this fall.  He had an accident and needed to relearn how to place and use his L front paw after suffering some nerve damage.  He approached his rehab visits with enthusiasm and seemed to enjoy learning new tricks.  His family worked for months with his exercises and he is doing great now.  In fact, he is showing us how much winter can be...when his isn't sledding, he is running through the snow like he used to!  Has the Michigan winter weather got you down? Try sledding...Vinny loves it and has trained his humans to take him out often!  Check out Vinny's progression video on our YouTube channel - the link is


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