Polar - Arthritis in Multiple Joints

PolarPolar is our September Pet of the Month.  She will be 17 years old in November and deals with arthritis in nearly every joint in her body every day.  Just 4 months ago, Polar needed assistance to walk at all and was severely overweight at 73 lbs.  With Polar's endearing spirit and her mom's dedication, they set out to work on Polar's weight loss and exercise program.  She spent the summer getting back outside to walk and visit neighbors.  Her new hobbies include walking the block regularly, daily massage at home, using the underwater treadmill at Pawsitive Steps Rehab and enjoying acupuncture and laser therapy weekly for her arthritis.  Polar has lost 19 lbs since April and has more good days than bad despite the arthritis.  Congrats Polar on your successful weight loss and new lease on life!

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