Frosty – Forelimb Amputee with Bilateral Medial Patellar Luxation


Meet Frosty, our October 2018 Pet of the Month.

Frosty is an 11-year-old Toy Poodle, who has been missing his right front limb since he was about 3 years old.  Frosty first came to see us in December 2017 for rehabilitation therapy options related to bilateral medial patella luxation, which was starting to cause some mobility issues for him.

Medial luxating patellas (MLP) is a common orthopedic condition in small breed dogs. Normally, the patella slides up and down in a groove on the bottom of the femur when a dog bends their legs. When the groove is not deep enough, the patella may pop out their groove and ride along the inside of the leg instead.  You can read more about patellar luxation and rehabilitation in our July 2018 blog:

For Frosty’s rehabilitation care, we wanted to focus on strengthening his hind limbs as well as his left front limb through structured exercises.  During his rehabilitation program, Frosty was treated with prescribed therapeutic exercises, underwater treadmill, massage, PEMF therapy and class IV laser.  We soon found out that despite being a tripod and having orthopedic issues, Frosty wouldn’t let anything get in the way of impressing us with his ability to perform even the most challenging of exercises.  He really is like a little circus dog.  We are so proud of Frosty’s hard work and continue to see him for maintenance therapy sessions and to monitor his progress.

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