Roo, the Hopping Puppy - Unusual Front Limb Gait

RooMeet Roo, our October Pet of the Month!  He is an adorable 8 week old Labrador puppy with a rather unusual gait. He hops!  While this is very cute, it is not good for the overall development of bones, muscles, tendons and joints - not to mention the neck and spine too!  All this hopping puts lots of extra wear and tear on these new little body parts.  To a certain extent, every puppy will hop a little as they figure out how to get around and tumble their way through learning where their feet are and how to use them most effectively.  However, Roo has big paws to grow into.  He would like to be a Leader Dog for the Blind when he grows up.  As a result, we will be working hard to help Roo learn to put is best foot forward, one at a time!  You have to learn to walk before you can run...then you can lead!

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