Kona – Iliopsoas Strain turned Fitness Patient



Meet Kona, our April Pet of the Month!  Kona is a 7 year old Australian Shepherd who came to see us for an iliopsoas strain in July of 2015.  With hard work, he has healed well from his iliopsoas strain and sees us for fitness sessions to keep him in top form for agility. 

During his rehabilitation program, Kona was prescribed therapeutic exercises, underwater treadmill, massage, PEMF therapy and class IV laser therapy.   His exercises targeted his iliopsoas muscles in order to strengthen, stretch, and elongate the tissues to allow healing and reduce the risk of re-injury.  Since his graduation from rehabilitation for his iliopsoas strain, Kona has continued to come to Pawsitive Steps for regular fitness sessions.

During his fitness visits, he receives a new workout to target major muscle groups, core, and stabilizer muscles.  These muscle groups all work together to keep our agility dogs safe while they perform.  Kona also continues to regularly receive laser treatments along his back and Veterinary Spinal Manipulative Therapy (VSMT, “animal chiropractic”) as needed to help keep him in great shape as he continues his very active lifestyle.     

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