Phoebe – Arthritis, Back & Neck Pain and an old CCL injury

PhoebePhoebe – Arthritis, Back & Neck Pain and an old CCL injury 

Phoebe is our July 2016 Pet of the Month.  Phoebe is an 11 year old Chihuahua, who has overcome a number of health issues.  We initially met her in September 2014 because she tore her L cruciate ligament.  She was not a surgical candidate due to other concurrent issues (cardiac disease, collapsing trachea, anal sacculitis and chronic allergies). 

On physical examination, Phoebe also had bilateral luxating patellas (as many Chihuahuas do) and minor carpal hyperextension.  Additionally, she had moderate to severe myofascial back pain throughout the length of her spine and also evidence of arthritis in multiple joints (both stifles, carpal joints/wrists and many toes).  Phoebe had also battled weight issues for most of her life and the extra weight was not helping any of her multiple issues.  She was 6.4 lbs, but needed to get to 5.0 lbs to help her comfort and mobility.

The first priority was pain management and working on weight loss.  Phoebe was a trooper with her rehabilitation program and did really well although lots of tough love was needed along the way.  She worked on core strengthening and walking rather than being carried.  She made it to her 5 lb weight goal in February 2016.  She had a few set-backs along the way and experienced some neck pain episodes too, which were managed as they occurred with pain management sessions as needed. 

Phoebe currently comes to see us on a maintenance schedule for massage and spinal adjustments, which she believes is much better than actual rehab!  Her case is a wonderful example of how weight loss and small progressive modifications to routine can really improve quality of life!

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