Baby - Back Injury & Orthopedic Problems

BabyBaby is a trooper!  He has been battling a few issues since he started with us at Pawsitive Steps Rehab.  In October 2012, he had a severe back problem and really couldn't walk.  Slowly he made improvements at home with medications, but his weight and orthopedic problems (bad right hip, luxating patellas and collateral ligament instability in his right knee) made it very difficult for him to get around.

Over the last 2 months since starting his rehab program, Baby has lost 2.8# and is really getting around a lot better!  His neurologic signs are much improved and his orthopedic issues are less troublesome with exercise!  He is back to walking with Dad at home and doesn't let anything get him down.  Always has a smile on his face!  Way to go Baby!  Congrats on your weight loss and rehab progress!  Baby is our August Pet of the Month!  Check him out on our Facebook page too!

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