Bella – Journey Back from Bilateral Cruciate Injuries

BellaMeet Bella, our June 2017 Pet of the Month!  We initially evaluated Bella for post-operative rehabilitation therapy options when she was 6 years old in October of 2015.  She had a MRIT surgery on her L stifle (knee) about 1 month prior to that in order to stabilize the joint following cruciate rupture.  She progressed a little slower than we had anticipated, but we eventually were able to “graduate” her to fitness sessions so that we could continue with improving her strength and stamina.

Almost one year after her initial visit with us, Bella’s mom called to inform us that Bella had ruptured her cruciate in the right stifle.  She went in for surgery shortly afterwards to stabilize her R stifle (knee) joint and followed up with post-operative rehabilitation again starting 2 weeks after her surgery.

Since resuming rehabilitation therapy at the end of October 2016, Bella improved greatly with the use of both limbs.  We noticed that we reached our rehab goals much quicker this time around compared to her first cruciate surgery. This is most likely because Bella was able to start her therapy sooner after surgery, plus she was in better physical condition before the R cruciate surgery because of her previous fitness sessions.

Good job Bella!

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