Teddy Bear – Back Injury & Rear Limb Paresis following Car Accident

Teddy BearMeet Teddy Bear, our July 2019 Pet of the Month! Teddy Bear is a 13-year-old Tibetan Spaniel, who we first met at Pawsitive Steps Rehabilitation and Sport Medicine in May of 2019.  Unfortunately, Teddy Bear arrived with his family to explore rehabilitation options because they had been involved in a car accident following a visit with his oncologist, which resulted in a spinal injury and he could not move his rear legs.  Teddy had actually already had two back surgeries previously due to movement of intervertebral disc material, which were likely more due to his genetic predisposition as a short-legged, long-backed dog.  As a result, another spinal injury was particularly worrisome for him and his family, especially since he was undergoing chemotherapy already at the time of the accident.

When we met Teddy, he was unable to use his hind limbs and would drag his hind limbs behind him. We immediately started integrative medicine therapy sessions that included therapies such as massage and acupuncture treatments with Teddy Bear.  He was also fitted with a Help ‘Em Up Harness to allow his family to assist him with getting around better in the house.  He also used a wheel chair for a few weeks for additional assistance with mobility at home.  He responded so well that we were able to slowly add in therapeutic exercises. Teddy is now able to walk without assistance of a wheel chair or harness and continues to make steady improvements at every rehabilitation visit. 

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