Wizard – Right Carpal Hyperextension Supported with Custom Orthosis

Meet Wizard, our December 2019 Pet of the Month

WizardWe first met Wizard in October of this year. He had been diagnosed with carpal hyperextension (for more information, please see our blog from this month’s newsletter!).  Use of a commercially available over-the-counter brace was attempted to help stabilize his carpus, but it did not work as his family had hoped.  Wizard had developed wounds from the ill-fitting brace and caused an aversion to weight bearing on his right forelimb.  As a result, he came to see us for a better solution.

We casted Wizard’s right forelimb for development of a custom carpus-paw orthotic device and shipped out the cast to OrthoPets in Colorado.  They created a beautiful orthosis for Wizard, designed to meet his unique needs.  The device was shipped back to us within a couple weeks.  Wizard was fitted with his device and he has not looked back since.  There can be small bumps in the road with helping pets get used to wearing orthotic devices and occasionally small irritations can develop.  Most pets with orthotic devices and/or prosthetics do best with the supervision of a rehabilitation therapy team to ensure optimal results and comfort.  Wizard is no different, but he is adjusting to his device well and enjoys going for walks again with his family.  Wizard has acclimated very well to his new boot overall.  We will continue to work with him and troubleshoot any other obstacles he may come across.

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