Jethro - Hindlimb Weakness & Hip DJD

JethroMeet Jethro, our June 2021 Pet of the Month! Jethro is a 10-year-old Briard. We first met Jethro in March of 2019 as his family was interested in rehabilitation therapy for hind limb weakness and hip degenerative joint disease (aka DJD or arthritis). Following his initial evaluation, we started seeing Jethro for once-weekly rehabilitation sessions which included developing at-home therapeutic home exercise program, underwater treadmill, PEMF therapy, massage, and laser therapy. Jethro improved quite quickly with his rehabilitation program and really enjoyed his visits especially the walking in the underwater treadmill. The technicians learned quite quickly that Jethro was a super smart boy and he would do any exercise we asked for a treat.

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