Willow - Prosthesis for Congenital Limb Defect

WillowMeet Willow, our December Pet of the Month!  She is an adorable, 8 month old, lab mix pup who was born without her right front paw and wrist joint.  This certainly hasn't slowed her down at all, but she now has a brand new leg to stand on just in time for the New Year!  Willow has been fitted for a prosthetic device designed specifically for her and is taking on new challenges daily, like learning to walk on this device, transition from sit-down-sit-stand, go up and down stairs and yes, play for all its worth.  Her prosthesis will allow her to life a life full of 4-legged fun and avoid the extra wear and tear that would occur on her joints if she had remained with only 3 functional limbs.  She will wear her initial prosthesis for about 3 months and then a new model will be made for her as we expect her to have some modifications needed - afterall, she will build muscles in her shoulder and elbow areas which have have never been tested to this degree before.  Follow her on our Facebook page as we will be sure to post updates along the way!

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