Hunter – Arthritis in Hips & Lumbar Spine


Meet Hunter, our April 2019 Pet of the Month! Hunter is a 13 year young, Akita mix, who is quite a character.  He came to Pawsitive Steps Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine last summer because his degenerative joint disease (aka DJD or arthritis) was bothering him more regularly.  His DJD predominantly affects his hips and lumbar spine.  He has been doing well with targeted exercise to help improve his balance when walking and strength to help improve his transitions from a down position. He has also been maintaining very well in regards to his pain management through the use of acupuncture and pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF).  He uses a PEMF mat at home once daily to help decrease the inflammation associated with his joint disease and to alleviate compensatory muscle pain. Hunter also does homework exercises regularly with his mom between his visits here in the office.  Due to their dedication to his rehabilitation plan, Hunter is able to be more independent and continues doing his favorite thing…walks in the neighborhood!

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