Rocket - Back Surgery


Meet Rocket, our May 2019 Pet of the Month!  Rocket was seen here at Pawsitive Steps Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine in January 2019, shortly after his hemilaminectomy (back) surgery in December 2018.  Surgery was needed to relieve spinal cord compression caused by a disc that had moved.  This was causing Rocket severe back pain and lead to reluctance to do several of his usual daily activities.  With therapeutic exercises being performed at home, in combination with rehabilitation modalities here at Pawsitive Steps, Rocket improved significantly.  He was even starting to try to run and jump around by his third visit with us! This created some challenges as we didn't want him to do too much, but everyone was thrilled that he was feeling so good.  Sometimes rehabilitation care also includes creative ways to alleviate boredom during the post-operative phase for our patients.  Rocket is continuing to improve every week and his gait is nearly completely normal.  We are so proud of the work he and his family have accomplished so far.

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