Marley – Severe Left Hind Limb Lameness Following Multiple Wounds

January 01 1970 12:00 am

Meet Marley, our September 2018 Pet of the Month!

MarleyMarley is a 1.5-year-old Labrador mix from Detroit Pit Crew, an animal rescue located in Detroit, Michigan.  Marley was taken in by the rescue group in April 2018 with several wounds of unknown origin.  The most severe injury involved his left hind limb, which he avoided using most of the time, but there was nothing obviously wrong on his x-rays.

When we met him in late June 2018, most of Marley’s wounds had healed over, although the deepest wound on the back of his right elbow was still granulating over.  However, his biggest issue at that point continued to be his left hind limb, which he held up almost all of the time and used minimally as he walked.  The muscles in his left thigh were very tight as a result.  The range of motion in the left stifle (knee) was decreased and he disliked palpation of the joint.

Our first goal was to get Marley’s pain under control through the use of massage and laser therapy.  We also utilized controlled, structured exercises and the underwater treadmill to encourage Marley to use his left hind limb as much as possible and to help build muscle in both thighs.  At his last progress check, Marley has made significant improvements with his left hind limb use, although he still has a little way to go before he is ready graduate from rehabilitation.  He is using his left hind limb more consistently and he has gained significant muscle mass too.  

By the way, Marley is still with the Detroit Pit Crew and he is looking for his FUR-ever home! All adoption inquiries should go to the Detroit Pit Crew.

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