Tina - Left Hindlimb Prosthesis for Deformity

Tina is our February Pet of the Month! We met Tina in September last year when she was brought to us by NSB Rescue to be evaluated for a prosthetic for her left hind paw. We casted her for device about a month later and then fitted her in November. She took to her prosthetic very quick, which honestly is not typical of most canine prosthetic patients. Each time we saw Tina she was down for whatever test we put her through to see how well she would use her device in different scenarios. She had grown to rely so much on her prosthetic that when we would take it off, she would almost fall over.

She is always confident with a happy smile on her face, especially if the bucket of beef liver has anything to do with it. Tina was recently adopted and is adjusting well to playing with her housemates and living the good life.Tina February 2021 Pet of the Month

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