Chance - HL paresis

ChanceMeet Chance, a 1 year old DSH (domestic shorthair cat) - our April Pet of the Month.

We met Chance early in April 2015. He was being fostered through a local rescue group, 4 Paws 1 Heart, and hadn't been able to use his rear legs in over 1 month at that time which is why he needed their help. No one really knew why his rear legs didn't work all of a sudden, but in rehabilitation care the patient history is important, but the future is hopefully shaped by the goals we set.

Chance did respond to stimulation of his legs, but had a lot of muscle atrophy and minimal voluntary movement. We look at that as something to build upon. So Chance and his foster mom took on an adventure that would include frequent therapy sessions, structured exercises,massage, laser therapy and acupuncture...oh and LOTS of homework too!

It has been wonderful to watch the progress that Team Chance has been making. Each visit, he has shown a little more progress, a little more muscle development, a little more determination, a few more steps towards the goal. Please check back periodically for some progress videos on our Facebook timeline!

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