Bella & Echo – Dock Diving Duo

Bella and Echo

Meet Bella & Echo, our March 2017 Pet (or in this case, Pets) of the Month.  Bella and Echo are sisters but actually from different litters, who have been coming to Pawsitive Steps for fitness sessions.  Both girls compete in Dock Diving on the weekends and, just like human sisters, they can be opposites!

Bella, is the older sister, at 3 years of age, and more mature than Echo.  Since starting fitness sessions for Dock Diving, Bella has had beaten her Personal Best record twice!  Bella began in the Senior Division with a personal best of 18 feet.  After she started fitness sessions Bella has moved up to the Elite Senior division with a personal best of 19 feet 8 inches.  Echo is the goofy younger sister.  Echo is new to the sport of dock diving, and is still learning her style on the dock. 

Their plan has focused on calm, controlled movements with good form to improve strength and balance.  This will help protect the girls from injury, and keep them competing longer.  We have also developed a warm-up and cool-down routine.  This puts the girls into “work mood,” and helps prevents muscle strains and other injuries.  While seeing those personal best distances improving is great; preventing injury is even better!

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