Radar – Post-op MRIT Cruciate Surgery


Meet Radar, our August 2018 Pet of the Month.  Radar is a 7 year old Labrador mix. He first came to see us in June of 2018 for rehabilitation options following surgery to stabilize his right stifle (knee) due to a torn cruciate ligament. His surgery, a Modified Retinacular Imbrication Technique or MRIT, was performed in January 2018.  Her had been recovering pretty well, but had a set-back in April after running around when he saw a child on a skateboard.

During his rehabilitation program, Radar was prescribed therapeutic exercises, underwater treadmill, massage, PEMF therapy and class IV laser therapy. We soon found out that the underwater treadmill was Radar’s favorite therapy modality during his visits here. He loves the water and he has even managed to get a little tennis ball stuck in our underwater treadmill. Not only does he love the water but he also loves all the attention he receives by the Pawsitive Steps team, aka “Radar’s girl friends”. 

When Radar is not working hard at home on his exercises, he enjoys trips out boating with his family and friends. Since starting his rehabilitation program, Radar has been doing great! He continues to see us for rehabilitation therapy sessions which focus on targeted structured exercises to strengthen his core and hind limbs.

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