Returning to Normal after an Injury

By Cathryn Adolph, LVT, CCRP, CCFT

Your dog has torn their cruciate ligament and had surgery to repair it.  They appear to be using their leg well but your rehabilitation team requests a few more weeks of appointments before graduation.  Why would your team request this or what makes us hold back a little bit?  Let’s dive into the “whys” behind returning a dog to normal activity. 

Shaved left hind limb a few weeks after stifle (knee) surgery. The left hind limb is placed wide and slightly in front of the right indicating he is off loading weight from the limb.

Feline Physiotherapy

by Colleen Lum LVT, CCRVN, CCFT

Cats can be challenging to get to engage in their rehabilitation programs. Unlike their canine counterparts, they are not always so easily motivated by food, toys or praise. Honestly, they seem like they could care less about our plans or rehab goals, staring at us with judgmental gazes. So how do we rehab cats?