Achilles Injuries and Orthosis Options

by Colleen Lum LVT, CCRVN, CCFT

Fig. 1 Normal hock anatomy.

Many of us have heard of an Achilles tear or injury occurring mostly in professional sports, however it is something that can also occur with our canine and feline counterparts as well.


Rehabilitation over the Holidays!

by Cathryn Adolph, LVT, CCRP, CCFT

Traveling with single or even multiple pieces of equipment can be impossible over the holidays!

As we approach the holiday season, some may find ourselves traveling, having company, headed to warmer weather, or staying home for the holidays – and this year is proving to be changing a lot of our traditional plans.  Holidays can prove an interesting time for our patients undergoing rehabilitation.  So here is our top advice to keep your pet on track during the holidays. 

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