Why the Long Paw?

By Janelle Allen, LVT

Carpal Hyperextension in the Canine

Carpal hyperextension (CHE) is a mouthful to say. But what is it? CHE is a condition that affects the front limb of the dog, specifically the carpal joint. Wait, what’s a carpal joint? Let’s start by looking at your own arm. Would it surprise you to know that your dog has the same bones and joints in their front limbs as you do in your arms? It’s true! This means that YOU have a carpal joint. It’s your wrist (that’s why they call it carpal tunnel syndrome). We could spend all day discussing comparative anatomy (in a future blog perhaps?), but let’s get back to the topic at hand… See what I did there?


Maybe Down a Leg, But Don’t Count Them Out

by Colleen Lum, LVT, CCRVN, CCFT

Tripod Rehabilitation

At some point in time, nearly all of us have observed a dog with only 3 legs, maybe even only 2 legs. Dogs and cats “do well” with adapting to these changes in their anatomy as a tripod, but over time the toll of having to compensate and use their body in a way that was not intended will cause many health issues a lot sooner than if they had all four limbs. From a preventative standpoint, rehabilitation can help with slowing down these compensatory issues and provide a better quality of life for our tripod patients as they age. Continue…