Rehab is Awesome Because…

By the Pawsitive Steps Staff

Why We Love Rehab and Why You Should Too!

Here at Pawsitive Steps, we love rehabilitation (obviously). Rehab can help a multitude of patients, even those who might not have an injury or haven’t had a surgery. Some of our patients come to see us simply to get fit.

But what is it about rehab that we love? In this month’s blog, we asked each staff member at Pawsitive Steps why they love rehab.


No Pain, No Gain!

Janelle Allen, LVT

Consequences of Overworking Your Dog

No pain, no gain! This is a common phrase that we use to motivate ourselves during a workout. The idea is that we won’t make improvements in the gym if we don’t push ourselves to the limit. We want to feel that soreness in our muscles. This concept is opposite of ideal for our dogs. In this blog, we will explore the signs of fatigue in our dogs and how to avoid overworking your pet. Continue…