Tips for Senior Pets


By Janelle Allen, LVT


Age is not a disease. However, it does seem to come with some baggage. As our pets age, we may notice that some things are a bit more difficult than they use to be. For example, they may lose their balance trying to walk over a door threshold, or they might be slower to climb or descend the stairs. In this month’s blog, we will give you some tips and tricks to help make life a little easier and more enjoyable for your senior dog.


The Golden Years

Make the Most of The Senior Years!

by Kim Schur

The aging process affects everyone differently, including our dogs.  Some of them age gracefully without too much difficulty while others endure comfort and mobility issues.  Many pet owners just don’t realize that there are several products and procedures that can really make their senior years much more comfortable and enjoyable.

Arthritis is very common in senior pets and it can be aggravated by the weather, injuries, etc.  Some dogs also develop neurologic issues as they age that can cause mobility issues.  “Well, he/she is just old” isn’t the end of it.  So much can be done to improve their quality of life. Continue…