Bull’s-eye: Targeted Exercise is More Effective Than Daily Physical Activity

Pain >> Compensatory patterns/Inactivity >> Muscle atrophy >> Worsened mobility >> Repeat

by Colleen Lum LVT, CCRVN, CCFT

Often times we hear from owners that their dogs are very active and run all the time outside in the yard. Despite this observation, they continue to have muscle atrophy and compensate in other areas of their bodies causing muscle tension and discomfort/pain. So then what is the difference between off leash activity and structured exercises? Continue…

Laryngeal Paralysis

Also Known as Geriatric Onset of Laryngeal Paralysis and Polyneuropathy (GOLPP)

By: Janelle Allen, LVT

Laryngeal Paralysis: the words sound very scary. It is actually a neurological condition that we tend to see in older, large breed dogs. In truth, this condition is very manageable. In this blog, we will look at what Laryngeal Paralysis (also known as Lar Par or GOLPP) is and why the veterinary rehabilitation team would be interested in this condition.