My Favorite Addition to My Canine Gym

By Cathryn Adolph, LVT, CCRP, CCFT

The FitPAWS FitBone

It is not uncommon for owners starting fitness plans with their dogs to expand their own canine gym at home.  Having some equipment at home, either DIY or purchased, can help progress exercises faster and in creative ways.  My favorite piece of equipment for my canine gym is the original FitPaws FitBone.

Why I Love the FitBone

  1. Safety – It is low to the ground, making the dogs feel more secure. A dog that is comfortable on the equipment moves smoothly and less likely to injure themselves.
  2. Versatility – The FitBone offers many different exercise combinations either by itself, with a second FitBone, and other pieces of equipment. The difficulty of the instability can be altered by changing the inflation level.
  3. Cost – The FitBone’s cost is about mid-range making it a less expensive addition.
  4. Size – The FitBone is smaller and easy to store than larger pieces such an inflated peanut.

Is it Safe for My Dog

While I love the FitBone, it is not for every patient.  For a dog starting on their fitness journey, their core  may not be strong enough to use a FitBone.  When learning to target equipment properly, the smaller size may make it more difficult as well.

The FitBone may also be too difficult for our rehabilitation patients.  During rehabilitation, especially post-surgical, the level of tissue healing will dictate how much instability (or difficulty) we can add to their exercise program.  Patients that also struggle with balance will be better suited with wider and lower pieces of equipment instead.

Want to add a FitBone to your Canine Gym?

At Pawsitive Steps Rehabilitation we can design a custom fitness or rehabilitation plan for your dog.  Our plans focus on proper form and safety while improving function and strength.  We would love to help you determine if the FitBone is the right piece to add to your canine gym!