Bowser - Bilateral Elbow Deformities

Written by: Brandy Morgan
Michigan State University
College of Veterinary Medicine, Class of 2019


Bowser Bowser


Patient Name: Bowser
Signalment: 15 month old, neutered male, American Bull Dog

Clinical Problems:

  • Bilateral elbow deformities-likely congenital with significantly limited elbow extension
  • Bilateral carpal degenerative joint disease
  • Moderate myofascial back pain T10-S1
  • Multiple tense muscles on palpation

Rehabilitation Goals:

  • Improve mobility
  • Assist with use of Eddie’s Wheels car
  • Increase comfort level
  • Provide ongoing support for Bowser and his family as he ages and mobility needs change

Modalities used in Rehabilitation Program:

  • Massage
  • Exercises with use of Eddie’s Wheels Cart

Bowser initially to Pawsitive Steps Rehabilitation and Therapy for Pets for bilateral forelimb deformities suspected to be due to a birth deformity. Bowser was adopted by his owners in September of 2018. Bowser has a Eddie’s Wheels front limb cart that he has yet to grasp the hang of utilizing correctly. Bower’s gait consists of a hopping movement. His propulsion comes mainly from his hindlimbs, with some assistance from his shoulders and carpal flicking. Bowser’s weight is placed on antebrachium instead of his paws. This unusual gait causes exaggerated head and neck motions. Palpation of his elbows reveal a conformational change bilaterally causing a severe limitation in his elbow extension.

Bowser’s rehabilitation sessions focused on improving his mobility and comfort level through the use of massage, and therapeutic exercises. One of our major goals was to help Bowser and his family get adjusted to the cart and learn how to best utilize it. During Bowser’s first rehabilitation session we assisted in fitting his cart to him and taught some basic exercises to help teach him how to utilize his hindlimbs individually instead of in tandem which his current gait requires. Further sessions will focus on improving his hindlimb musculature and encouraging Bowser to maintain a normal stance while in his wheelchair.


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