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My Angel Dog, "Whimpie"

by Dellta

About 20 years ago, I was looking out my front window and noticed a little white cock-a-poo standing on the side of the road, full of burrs and had matted fur, standing there looking towards me. Being the animal lover I am, I ran out, brought him in the house, and bathed him. I brushed all the burrs from his fur and fluffed him up. From then on, I kept him in the house and babied him. We became very close pals.

I LOVE this dog SOOOO MUCH! Everytime I was feeling down, he was always there for me, with kisses and he'd lay in my lap. Everywhere I went, he went with me. Car rides and trips. I considered him as one of my children. We had a great bond with one another. He always slept with me and looked forward to me coming home from the grocery store, because I had always bought him some favorite treats.

Unfortunately, he became ill, and got to the point to where he wouldn't eat and had lost alot of weight. I took him to the vet and they did exploratory surgery on him. It turned out he had cancer of the liver. They gave me the option of him living until he died or having him put to sleep. This really broke my heart to a million pieces. I couldn't bare letting him suffer, so out of my great love for him, I decided to have him put to sleep.

Afterwards, I had my sister and little son pick his body up from the vet, so I could bury him in my backyard, where I could sit by his grave and visit with him.

My sister and little boy buried him, and as they came down off of the hill, there was a ray of sun that shone upon his grave. I guess this was God's way of trying to comfort me in letting me know my little furry friend was at peace and living a painfree and happy life with the Lord.

This was some comfort, but still I cried everyday, for at least a week over losing and missing my little companion.

To this day, I cannot forgive myself for putting him to rest, because I felt I had taken his life away from him. Maybe I should have gotton a second opinnion.....maybe I could have done more.....maybe the last time I held him I could have held him a little longer and give him good-bye kisses. I have many regrets!!!

To this day, if I talk about him and our memories, I get a tear in my eye and feel this lump in my throat. I think of him everyday, and still can see his furry little face. I just hope there really is a "Rainbow Bridge" and hope that when I leave this life

Dellta is a member of Beyond Indigo.