Oakland Press features our prosthesis patient, Miss Daisy, a miniature donkey

Miss Daisy, our miniature donkey patient, and Pawsitive Steps Rehabilitation &Therapy for Pets made the front page of the Oakland Press on June 6, 2015!   Miss Daisy, is a 10 month old, miniature donkey. Although, our usual patients are small animals here at Pawsitive Steps Rehabilitaiton & Therapy for Pets, Miss Daisy has a unique problem. She had a wound near her hoof line on her right rear limb, which worsened despite the best care. Sadly, she lost her hoof on that limb and also her lowest 2 bones. Her folks and her regular veterinarian, Dr. Austen Epp (Michigan Equine Surgical Associates) brought Miss Daisy in to see if a prosthesis might be an option for her. We have been consulting with our friends at OrthoPets to see about helping this young lady out! They have worked with many different species to create orthotics and prosthetics for them and Miss Daisy looks like a great candidate!  Can't wait to get her prosthetic device back from OrthoPets!

Read the whole story here and check out the video made by Springfield-Independence Video detailing a laser appointment here at the office with Miss Daisy:


A follow-up story after her prosthesis was fitted was also published:  http://www.theoaklandpress.com/general-news/20150707/miss-daisy-donkey-fitted-with-prosthesis


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