Stifle Orthotics – Alternative Options to CCL Surgery

by Colleen Lum, LVT, CCRA

We like having options don’t we? And nowadays we are looking for alternative options not only for ourselves, but for our furry  family members as well. However, even though there may be an alternative, it does not mean that it is the best choice for everyone. Today we are going to discuss stifle orthotics, its pros and cons, and what to expect when pursuing this route!

How does a stifle orthotic work?

When our dogs tear the cranial cruciate ligament in their stifle (knee) it creates instability and pain because the lower half of the stifle slides forward whenever the dog bears weight on the leg.  A stifle orthosis, when fitted properly, prevents this movement by stabilizing the joint externally, rather than stabilizing internally such as with surgery. Continue…

But It’s Just a Cookie

by Angelia Oliverei, LVT

Let’s face it, who doesn’t enjoy a special treat from time to time? We can sit and absent mindlessly eat potato chip and cookies.  Afterwards, we peek on the back of the cookie packaging and are shocked to see how many calories we just ate. The same concept goes for treating our furry friends.

Whether you are giving them that special cookie because they performed a trick, obeyed a command, or just because they are cute, giving our pets a treat is a pleasurable experience.  However, many people don’t realize how many calories are in just that one treat. Continue…