A Thank You Note to All the Vet Techs in My Life

By Chaos (as told to Jennie Houghteling, LVT)

In Honor of Veterinary Technician Week (10/13/19 through 10/19/19)

I don’t remember the first vet tech I ever met. I do not yet know the last vet tech I will meet, but I know that all the vet techs in my life have been wonderful. They have comforted me when I was scared, drew my blood when I needed it checked, monitored my anesthesia for my surgery, did my dental cleaning, checked my blood pressure, gave me lots of pets, checked my eye pressures when I was diagnosed with glaucoma, gave me my medications, cleaned my cage when I made a mess, made my dinner extra tasty, and snuggled me when I was lonely. They have done many other things for me that I am sure I do not remember, but I know they were always done with a kind word and a loving touch. Continue…