Planning for the Future, A Look at Veterinary Rehabilitation Goals

By Cathryn Adolph, LVT

Locke, about 7 years old, during a fall walk.

Locke, about 7 years old, during a fall walk.

During the rehabilitation process, we work with pet owners to set goals for their pets.   After an examination, the veterinarian will identify their goals that will guide the process to obtain the long term goals set by the owners.  Rehabilitation goals should be obtainable based on the individual’s medical status, age, breed, conformation, and current level of strength, balance, and coordination.  I will take a look at the goals that I have for my dog, Locke, and the skills he needs to reach those goals.

My Dog, Locke

Locke is a 10 year old, German Shepherd dog mix.  He has a history of cranial cruciate ligament injuries (CCL, read more on CCL injuries here).  The right CCL tore at 4 years of age and the left at 6 years of age, both of which were repaired surgically.  Radiographs of his spine showed the start of spondylosis along his lumbar spine and arthritis in both knees. Continue…