For the Silver Muzzles, Rehabilitation for Our Aging Patients

by Colleen Lum, LVT, CCRA

Rehabilitation for our aging and end of life patients

Nikita - 10March2015Sometimes we make it to that stage where comfort and overall quality of life is our biggest priority with our older pets. Ensuring that they have more good days than bad are still able to be a part of the family and enjoy doing what they love. In these cases, rehabilitation can help keep them in that place of comfort. So often you may see videos of a dog that had a stifle surgery working on our equipment or a neurological patient taking its first steps in the underwater treadmill.  But the reality is that a large portion of our patients are our aging pets that are having trouble getting up or slowing down on their usual walks. And even for some of those pets, our goal is making them comfortable during whatever time we are blessed with them. Continue…