How do I Love Thee? Fun Ways to Show Our Pets Love

Herc with new toy - 8Feb2016By Tari Kern, DVM, CCRP, CVMA, CVSMT

Fun ways to show your pets your love…

Loving your pets doesn’t need to involve feeding our pets treats.  In this blog we look at fun ways to show our pets love.

Schedule Play Time

Life gets busy, but who loves us more than our pets and unconditionally too.  Setting aside time to enjoy each other’s company is a win-win!  It’s good for both of you!

Provide Mental Stimulation

We are the biggest source of mental stimulation for our pets – good or bad.  Make it good!  When we leave the house, we have plenty of opportunities to experience new things.  Our pets rely on us to provide mental stimulation.  This is especially important because bored pets may find their own ways to explore and potentially act out.  Mentally stimulated pets are happy and relaxed and don’t destroy the furniture! Continue…